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Our Professional Mowing/Trimming/Edging services are offered as a one-time service or as a weekly service throughout the mowing season (April/May through October/November).

Your lawn will be cut the same day*, every week**, in an alternating pattern, by the same crew. We use the industry’s best equipment and maintain it daily to ensure the best “cut” is made.

lawn-garden(We suggest you allow us to mulch your lawn clippings, returning these valuable nutrients to the soil for new growth. This process enhances the health and growth of your lawn, will not interfere with the use or appearance of your lawn, keeps the soil temperature cooler, keeps the clippings out of landfills, and saves you money. It is truly the least expensive way to feed your lawn naturally. However, if you prefer we can also haul away your lawn clippings for a small fee of $2 added to your weekly mowing service.)

We trim all areas our mowers can’t reach, line-trim all edges, and blow clean all hardscape areas, such as driveways, walkways, front/back steps, back deck, and pool/patio areas.

In early spring and midsummer we edge all driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and landscape/mulching bed edges, thereafter maintaining by line- trimming during your scheduled mowing service to give your lawn a manicured and clean look all year. All debris from this service will be removed from your property.

*Weather permitting (We will mow your lawn one day later in the event of rain.)
**We monitor your lawn closely and during some months we may only cut your lawn every other week.

Our Fertilizing and Weed Control service is offered as a seasonal service only. Fertilizer programs are maintenance programs, and all programs will need some adjustment due to soil type, your desired appearance and Mom Nature having the last word. Adjustments most often are simply changes in amounts, timing and the kinds of fertilizer being applied. The first step is a soil test, which we send to an independent lab for Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) levels, which are in the soil at all times. Nitrogen (N), an element that is part of all fertilizing programs, is not stored in the soil and is a part of the application program throughout the season. The lab will also test the soil pH (a measure of acidity and alkalinity). Here in the New England area, soils are typically low in pH so a lime application should be made yearly.

Our Fertilizing & Weed Control service is a 4-step program seasonally:

Spring: May 15th
Summer: July 10th
Fall: September 1st: the most important application of the season.
Winter: November 1st
(dates shown above represent time between applications and not necessarily when we will make applications to your lawn)

All of our fertilizer applications are per 1,000 square feet and the actual amounts of each element are expressed the same way. Typically here in New England we recommend 4 pounds of Nitrogen (N), 1 pound of Phosphorus (P) and about 2.8 pounds of Potassium (K) be applied seasonally with an application of lime if low pH levels are present.

Our Shrub Pruning and Bush Trimming service is offered as a one-time service or a seasonal service where we trim according to each plant’s need for continued strong, healthy growth. The process targets and removes dead, diseased, damaged, non-productive, structurally unsound or otherwise unwanted branches, buds or roots. All debris from our shrub pruning and bush trimming services will be removed from your property. Shrub-pruning and bush-trimming offer many options for our clients. We will come out to view your property and discuss with you your ideas and pricing options before any work is performed on your property.

Our Aerating and Overseeding service is offered as a one-time service or as a needed, seasonal service. Early fall in the Northeast is the best time for core aerating, which is done with a core or plug aerator machine. Aerating is the process of pulling up a core of soil and leaving it on the surface of the soil. We run our aerating machines over your lawn to achieve 20-40 holes per square foot. These holes allow air, rain, and nutrients to penetrate the soil; they also give roots room to grow. Once the core aeration has taken place, your lawn will be seeded (over-seeding) with a premium seed mix. This process will make your lawn grow healthy and thicker while fighting off weeds and diseased grass with new seed..

Our Spring Cleanup service is offered as a one-time service or as a seasonal service. We clean up all debris such as leaves and branches that have accumulated over the course of winter throughout your property and landscape/mulching beds and remove it from your property. We finish our spring cleanup service with a nice, fresh, first mow of the season.

Our Fall Cleanup service is offered as a one-time service or as a seasonal service. Again, we clean up debris such as leaves and branches, that have accumulated over the summer throughout your property and landscape/mulching beds and remove it from your property; we then mow your lawn. This service is always in high demand and is a great way to prepare your lawn for the winter season.

Our Snow Plowing service is offered as a one-time service or as a seasonal service. We begin with staking* your driveway carefully to ensure we keep safe distance between our plow trucks and your lawn’s edge and/or other landscape and hardscape areas. Once the snowstorm begins we begin plowing at 3” and return ONLY as necessary every additional 3 plus inches throughout the storm.
* We use 4 foot orange reflective stakes throughout your property, they’re less obtrusive and are reflective which is a safety feature. However, if you prefer we can use 4 foot wood stakes. Your choice. We return to remove the snow stakes in late Winter/early Spring.

Our Snow Removal service is offered as a seasonal service only to clients who request snow be removed from their walkways, front steps, in front of their garage doors and most areas of request. Please request a FREE ESTIMATE or call us (508) 326-6386 and let us know how we can help.

Commercial clients please call us (508) 326-6386 with your snow plowing, snow removal and salt/sanding needs and let us know how we can help.

Call us anytime, 24 hours a day during a snowstorm and let us know how we can help.

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