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Our Fertilizing and Weed Control service is offered as a seasonal service only. Fertilizer programs are maintenance programs, and all programs will need some adjustment due to soil type, your desired appearance and Mom Nature having the last word. Adjustments most often are simply changes in amounts, timing and the kinds of fertilizer being applied. The first step is a soil test, which we send to an independent lab for Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) levels, which are in the soil at all times. Nitrogen (N), an element that is part of all fertilizing programs, is not stored in the soil and is a part of the application program throughout the season. The lab will also test the soil pH (a measure of acidity and alkalinity). Here in the New England area, soils are typically low in pH so a lime application should be made yearly.

Our Fertilizing & Weed Control service is a 4-step program seasonally:

Spring: May 15th
Summer: July 10th
Fall: September 1st: the most important application of the season.
Winter: November 1st
(dates shown above represent time between applications and not necessarily when we will make applications to your lawn)

All of our fertilizer applications are per 1,000 square feet and the actual amounts of each element are expressed the same way. Typically here in New England we recommend 4 pounds of Nitrogen (N), 1 pound of Phosphorus (P) and about 2.8 pounds of Potassium (K) be applied seasonally with an application of lime if low pH levels are present.

LawnCraft will conduct a thorough inspection of your property for areas where mosquitoes are living. Our specialists employ an innovative formula and targeted application technique to eliminate mosquitoes at your home within 24 hours.

We’ll treat your property every month to maintain your protection throughout the season.

You’ll receive a call 24 hours prior to each appointment so you know when to expect LawnCraft.

With expert knowledge of grass varieties and lawn care, LawnCraft uses our specialized equipment to aerate the lawn on your residential or commercial property. The aerating process will break up the turf to ensure root access to essential soil nutrients, oxygen & moisture, creating a lush, green and beautiful lawn.

Professional lawn aeration also prepares the way for new grass seed to take root, which speeds germination.

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